We can worship God, we can follow rituals and traditions. At the same time we must think of ‘Nature‘ because it is also God’s creations and it is the primary source of mankind’s very existence and entity. Lakes are part of our Nature and natural wealth of mankind.

It is the duty of every responsible person to discourage the immersion of idols containing toxic substances in lakes during festival. We have to work with determination to preserve the purity and the immense usefulness of lakes. In order to foster these laudable aims and inculcate a sense of urgency in the minds of all citizens to protect the lakes.The“Tree Guard Foundation” had planned a significant and unique event called “Matte Bangaram”. We have conducted free work shops on making of “CLAY GANESH IDOLS”. Many people have joined hands to encourage this Eco- friendly drive.


Under this event, we have conducted free workshops on making of “Clay Ganesh Idols” in about 100 schools, colonies and many communities. Thousands of students have participated in this event and learnt to make Clay Ganesh Idols with enthusiasm and excitement. They carried home the idols that they have made on their own. Many people have shown interest in using Clay Ganesh for pooja in the preceding years. We have invited people to send us photographs, showing Ganesh Pooja at their homes using “Clay Ganesh Idols”. We have selected 3 families by lucky dips and awarded gold worth rupees one lakh to the winners. This Program was conducted with the association of a popular TV channel.

Selfie with Ganesh : Recently, we have conducted another interesting Program to popularize Clay Ganesh. In this program, participants have taken selfie with clay Ganesh and forwarded them to us. Around 20 photographs were picked from the lucky dip and gold coins were gifted to the winners. This Program was carried out with the association of Telugu daily “SAKSHI“.

Since 2005 even much before the inception of “Tree Guard Foundation” we have distributed around 5 lakhs “Clay Ganesh Idols” free of cost. Every year we prepare and distribute around 50,000 Ganesh Idols absolutely free of cost.

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