Consequent to the aftermath of the horrific terrorist assault in Mumbai, the barbaric attack left many in the world gasping. Our nation was under attack. A large number of peace – loving lives were lost.

The country showed serious degree of resolve and confidence to respond to the enemies madness in a bold and courageous manner. Our Veer Jawans and police officers and administration relentlessly displayed dedication to a responsible cause and fought with courage and conviction.

The Nation stood in oneness and the entire country men extended their support and unity. It is not enough if we condole the death of martyrs. It is our duty to continue to reaffirm our moral support and rededicate ourselves to the cause of National Pride, honor and Unity.

With this aim“Tree Guard Foundation” has organized a drawing competition for children to “MERE JAWAN MAHAN”during December-2008. This was open to all students, who want to participate voluntarily. This competition was absolutely free for all students.

Today, 69 years after independence, the young generation of the nation needs to connect to their brothers and sisters in the defense forces to understand the significant role they are playing in keeping and preserving the sovereignty of our nation intact.

Tree Guard Foundation has started the campaign “The voice of million of hearts” to motivate the vanguards of the nation and assure them that we care for them and reaffirm our commitment to take the nation to greater heights and make it ‘Sonekichidiya’ once again  To impress upon the young minds the vital role of the armed forces and what it means to the rest of us, as well as to motivate the youngsters to emulate these real heroes and strive for the progress of the nation and not let the sacrifice that the great sons of the soil are making to go in vain.

  • The School/College/Company authorities should ensure that they collect the message leaf, fill it up and submit to the concerned authorities within 3 days.
  • Students can express their feelings to the jawans in the form of a leter/Message/Drawing in the space allocated with their names and orther details duly filled.
  • Youngsters from other walks of life can also participate in this campaign.
  • All the duly filled forms should reach Tree Guard Foundation office.

This was purely a motivating activity to generate good will and attracts no award/Prize or any other monetary benefits. It is only a social awareness campaign organized as a good will to promote patriotism in the citizens in the interest of public.

1.Participation is absolutely free

2.Application given free of cost

3.No donations was accepted/


So far we have received around 80,000 entry forms and soon we will arrange to send 1,00,000 entry forms to the soldiers through proper channel.

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